Rep Team Coach Selection

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Here is the process we follow in selecting rep team coaches.

Coach Evaluation Period

During a 5-month evaluation period from September to January, our technical staff will be visiting your games and practices and talking to parents and players to evaluate your coaching ability and program management.

In no particular order, here is a list of the criteria used in our evaluation:

Is the incumbent coach

Maintaining consistency for players and rewarding loyalty and commitment is something we believe is important. We believe it not to be in the best interests of the players to make a coaching change unless there is evidence to suggest there is good reason to do so.

Coaching Ability.

The ability to teach the players the skills and tactics in a fun environment at the same time that you are helping to develop well-rounded people who are disciplined and work well with others.


This includes previous soccer coaching experience and experience within the age group.


You must have successfully completed the necessary coaching certifications.

Code of Conduct.

We have a very low tolerance for coaches that do not follow the Coach`s Code of Conduct and who do not enforce the Player and Parent Codes of Conduct.


This is a harder one to quantify, but can be important when we are evaluating coaches with less experience.

Embraces the club`s philosophy.

The club`s philosophy is as follows: To provide a player-focused, coach-driven environment that will empower players and coaches to expand their knowledge, ability and passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

Supports a club culture.

This includes embracing and building Coastal Pride with the players.

Is in good standing with the Club.

You must have no code of conduct violations or recent discipline policy sanctions and be  well respected among the  coaches and club personnel.

Program Management.

This includes following the club curriculum and the training and game plans, being organized, and keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

Communication skills.

The ability to relate/communicate with players, parents, and professional staff.

Coach’s child’s ability.

The coach’s child must clearly have the ability to make the team.


As mentioned in Coach Evaluation Period, maintaining consistency for players and rewarding loyalty and commitment is something we believe is important when appointing or re-appointing coaches to our teams. We believe it not to be in the best interests of the players to make a coaching change unless there is evidence to suggest there is good reason to do so.Once appointed head coach of a rep team within the club, the incumbent will have the option to retain this role from year to year by re-applying for the position.However, listed below are some circumstances that may lead to a coaching change.

The incumbent coach:

  • Doesn`t want to continue.
  • Doesn`t have and makes no attempt to gain the required minimum certification for their coaching level.
  • Doesn`t have the knowledge and ability to coach at their level.
  • Doesn`t have the support of the players and/or parents based on feedback from the players and parents and player retention.
  • Has been challenged by another coach and, based on the evaluation criteria, it is determined that a coaching change would be beneficial.

Coach's Child Evaluation

Prior to appointing a coach to a rep team, an evaluation of the coach’s own child is taken into consideration. Only when the technical staff is convinced the applicant’s child meets the necessary standard will the coach be appointed. As such, players do not automatically gain entry to a rep team simply because their parent is a coach, assistant coach, or manager of the team.

Tier 1

Team coaches are appointed after technical staff have evaluated the ability of the coach’s own child throughout season and consider the child to be comfortably inside the top tier.

Tier 2

Team coaches are appointed after the technical staff have reviewed the post season player evaluations and determined that the coach’s child is comfortably inside the second tier.

Tier 3

If a Tier 3 team is to be created, the same process as Tier 2 will be followed.


In the event that the club receives multiple applicants for the same position, in other words an incumbent’s position is challenged, or a new rep team is being created, an off-field interview may occur with each applicant.

Situations where an interview process may occur include the following:

Based on our technical staffs’ evaluation:

  • A new applicant has received a higher evaluation than the incumbent.
  • The technical staff does not have sufficient knowledge of the applicants to make an appointment and further evaluation is required.
  • Other good reasons exists to initiate an interview process.