Outdoor Training Sessions | Videos Only

The following videos show the Technique and Skill drills of the respective session sandwiched between the standard warm-up and small-sided game. SAQ drills are at the bottom.

Dribbling Video Dribbling 2

Video Turning Turning and Changing Direction

Passing Video Passing

Video Shooting Shooting

Running Video Running

Video Attacking 1 vs 1 Attacking 1 vs 1

Attacking 2 vs 1 Video Attacking 2 vs 1

Skills Challenge  Skills Challenge Stopwatch 2

Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Videos

SAQ 1 (Pass and Follow, Reaction, and Tag)
SAQ 2 (Defensive Reactions, Attacking Reactions, and Arrowhead)
SAQ 3 (20 m Sprint, Defensive Reactions/Offensive Movements, and 2v2 Finishing)