College/University Recruitment

Most experts agree that preparations for being recruited to Canadian and US universities and colleges should start as early as grades 8 and 9.  However, the most important stage is grades 10 and 11.  The best advice is to start preparing as soon as you can.

E11even Management Recruiting Portal

E11even Management is owned and operated by Chris Murphy, our Executive Director, completely independent from Coastal FC. Through the Recruiting Portal, you can learn a lot about what to do, when to do it, and how to get help in preparing yourself for college recruiting.  They also offer a player profile site to help you promote yourself.  The portal has a lot of information applicable for both Canadian and US universities and colleges.

Through the portal, fee-services are offered but are not required.  In some cases, the services offered would be performed by individuals who also work for Coastal FC.  Any services performed through the recruiting portal are completely independent and arms-length from Coastal FC.

Chris has offered a free registration to Coastal FC players.  For more information and to set up a free account, see E11even’s Free College Recruiting Portal.