U11(Boys)/U10(Girls) – U18 Rep

Registration is now closed.

Fall registration: mid May to end of July.

Spring registration: mid December to end of February.

  • Provide high quality, competitive Rep team programs which will further the development of players and coaches towards as high a skill and proficiency level as they can achieve.
  • Encourage excellence and sportsmanship among Rep team players and coaches.
  • Enhance each player’s enjoyment of the game of soccer.

This is a high performance training program where a small group of players will be formed by way of scouting and recommendation.

For returning players, the identification of these players is done through a (past) season-ending assessment by the player’s team Head Coach and / or an independent evaluation process incorporating two or three evaluation sessions observed by independent evaluators and the rep team coaches.

Evaluations for new players finished in early May for the fall season.

Age Group Breakdown
Year Born Age Group
2006 (Girls only) U10
2005 U11
2004 U12
2003 U13
2002 U14
2001 U15
2000 U16
1999 U17
1998 U18
Age Group Base fee* Volunteer
U10 Girls $385 $100 $25 $510
U13–U16 $395 $520
U17–U18 $405 $530

*Includes registration in Academy.

**For additional information about the volunteer bond and project fee, please refer to the Registration FAQs section under Programs.


To play at any Rep level will involve a greater commitment of time, travel and additional costs by the player, with the greatest commitments being required at the higher Rep level(s) in each age group.

During the season, parents and players can expect that Rep practices will be held at least twice a week with a possible additional functional or fitness-focused session, and one game per week. It is also highly recommended that players participate in a core conditioning or related skills session once a week, in addition to practices.

While Coastal FC encourages players to participate in other sports and pursuits, playing at a the Rep level suggests that players will make the appropriate commitment needed for the benefit of their development as well that of their Rep team colleagues. Be aware that the commitment and expectations will differ from division to division and you should check with the team’s Rep coach to be clear as to their expectations. All rep team coaches are expected to hold pre-season and periodic player and team meetings to ensure that such expectations, as well as the coaches’ plans and player assessments, are clearly communicated.

Rep Fee

Rep team players will pay an additional rep fee annually for the Club’s Player Development Program. Acceptance of a Rep team selection means the parents (and the player) has agreed to this fee. Rep fees must be paid in order for player registration for the upcoming Fall/Winter Season to be complete.

Each rep team is responsible for their own fundraising efforts to defray players’ rep fees, the costs associated with tournaments, extra player development training and team apparel. However, all Team Fundraising must be for the benefit of the whole team. The Club will not allow any player-specific fundraising of any kind that does not go to the team fund. Also, fundraising efforts should be correlated with spending plans so that there is a “zero” team account balance at the end of the season, in accordance with the Clubs Policies and Procedures.

Rep Season

While the league soccer season typically runs from September to March, successful Cup play can extend a season into April, with Provincial Cup finals being held as late as July. In such instances, Cup play coaches will probably conduct training throughout the spring and early summer. Tournaments and team-building activities are often the focus of these sessions. It is understood that players need rest time and families will have vacations. However, during the month of August, players can be expected to participate in team training activities and pre-season training camps the coaches and their staff may have planned in preparation for the start of the coming season.

Coach Appointment for Fall 2015/2016