U7 – U10(Boys)/U9(Girls) Recreational

Registration is now closed.

Fall registration: mid May to end of July.

Spring registration: mid December to end of February.


The Club’s goal is to provide excellent resources to all players, and help players and teams reach short and long term goals of development, through our extensive partnerships, training, academies, and player pathways.

Age Group Breakdown

Season Length

Fall. Begins in mid-September and ends in the beginning of March with a break in December.

Spring. Begins in early April and ends near the end of June.

Parents will hear from the coach in late-August to early-September (Fall) or late-March to early-April (Spring).


Base fee: $220
Project fee*: $25
Refundable volunteer bond*: $100
Total maximum fee: $345

*For additional information about the volunteer bond and project fee, please refer to the Registration FAQs section under Programs.

Training Sessions

There is one training session per week.  All training sessions are led by volunteer coaches under the guidance of Coastal FC staff coaches.

  • U7 Boys and Girls: Training sessions are held in gyms on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at either 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm.
  • U8-U10 Boys: Mondays at South Surrey Athletic Park.
  • U8-U10 Girls: Wednesdays at South Surrey Athletic Park.

Note: Due to the number of participants, we cannot accommodate training day/time requests.

Game Day

Games are scheduled at the same time and same day each week and will be conducted on the artificial turf field at South Surrey Athletic Park. Boys play Saturday and girls play Sunday.

Games are in-house club games and will consist of balanced teams where coaches will match up (soft tier) players of a similar ability against one another.  This ensures that players are playing with and against players of similar ability.


All teams at the mini/micro level follow a club curriculum. Coaches receive professional instruction on coaching methodology, organization and session structure through the clubs weekly coach development program.

The curriculum of the Micro Development Program is designed to meet the learning objectives of Learning to Train (Stage 3) of the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development Pathway. By allowing the professional staff to support every player/coach in these ages, it ensures that everyone receives a consistent coach and player development seasonal plan.

Player Evaluations

Players will undergo constant assessment during their season by their team coaches. Players identified as having the potential to play in the Prospects Program will be recommended to the Prospects staff and invited for further assessment within Prospects training sessions.

In addition to ongoing assessments, the club will also hold post season identification camps off season to be sure players are placed in the environment that best suits their developmental needs.