South Surrey Athletic Park (SSAP) (map)


  • Morgan (Creek) Elementary (map)
  • Peace Arch Elementary (map)
  • South Meridian Park (map)
  • Bakerview Park (map)
  • Dufferin Park (map)
  • HT Thrift Elementary (map)
  • Jessie Lee Elementary (map)

Field Layout (SSAP 9 and 10)

Age Field Layout Setup
U5/U6 8 fields Coastal staff
U7 6 fields Coastal staff
U8 4 fields
(two fields in warm-up area)
  • Take out the two U7 middle fields.
  • Extend length of each field.
U9 2 fields
  • Move all cones and mini goals to side of the turf. Please stack cones in one pile.
  • Move goals to the top of the penalty area.
U10 2 fields Push goals back to full size of mini field.

SSAP Grass Field Training Guidelines

Warmup and SAQ work must never occur on the field. Use the space beside or behind the field during training and games for these activities.

Teams are expected to follow these guidelines and teams found training in the goal areas or running warm up/SAQ on the field may be rescheduled to gravel fields.

Light Codes

When training or playing in the evening, please use the following light codes:

  • SSAP #3 – 85008 3 # (The box is at the entrance to the main car park (20th) on the right side)
  • SSAP #4 – 85009 4 #
  • SSAP #9 – 580014#
  • SSAP #10 – 580011#
  • Jessie Lee – 1985*
  • HT Thrift – 1985*
  • Hjorth Road Park #1 – 650011#
  • Newton Athletic Park #3 – 550013#