Game Schedules (Fall)

Add your team’s calendar to your personal calendar program (e.g., Google Calendar, iCalendar)

The coordinator for your division or your team manager will maintain your team’s game schedule. To get access to and automatic updates of your team’s game schedule, locate your team below and then follow the steps in the additional instructions.

Additional instructions

Add to Google Calendar for PC, Android

Step Details
1. Click the URL under Google Calendar URL. If you don’t have a Google calendar, you need to setup a Google gmail account first.
2. When your Google Calendar opens, locate the following icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and click on it to add the team calendar to your list of Google Calendar calendars.


3. To change the name or colour coding for the newly-added calendar, click on the dropdown box to the right of the the newly-added calendar name.


Add to iCalendar for Mac and iPhone

Details on adding to iCalendar …

Add to Microsoft Outlook calendar

Details on adding to Outlook …